Providing high quality out-of-school-time and after school community events for West Valley City families and students, resulting in increased opportunities for learning.

Student Outcomes

CEP Mini Grant Programs – Teacher Reports Show High Student Outcomes

Both CEP full time programs and mini grant programs are resulting in the high student outcomes.

CEP Programs Result in Improved Student Outcomes

Regular Education Teachers of over 14,900 Students Participating 30 days or more in CEP 21st Century Grant Afterschool Programs at 19 Granite District Schools in West Valley City report substantial and consistent improvement during the day over 10 years, 2011 through 2021.

  • 65% increase in academic performance
  • 60% increase in class participation
  • 43% increase in positive behavior in class
  • 52% increase in preparedness andĀ motivation to learn
  • 54% increase in satisfactory homework completion