Providing high quality out-of-school-time and after school community events for West Valley City families and students, resulting in increased opportunities for learning.



“Salt Lake Community College Expand Your Horizons Girl STEM Event –

CEP Staff Stated:  “EYH was great!  All our girls were so excited to go and could not hold still while waiting for the bus. During one of the sessions I had one of our students look at me and say “science is awesome!”. It was really fun to watch them explore.”

“Allison was difficult from the first day of the program. She was unfriendly, screamed regularly, refused to follow directions, and the other children refused to play with her. The staff spent extra one-on-one time with her and gave her leadership position. She responded very positively, and the children began interacting with her”.

-CEP Instructor

“We learn fun academics and share what we learn with our family and friends.” – Afterschool Student at Jackling Elementary

“Now that my grandson is in the afterschool program, he is not failing school and his attitude is much better.  His teacher is there to help” – Grandmother of Student at Kennedy Jr. High

“I am a teacher at Hunter High.  I really appreciate the grant that you wrote to allow Hunter High to have tutoring after school.  I have literally saved students from failing.  In one session, I have turned an F into a D.  I have not had any student fail my Financial Literacy class that has come to my tutoring sessions.  Thank you so much!  You have made a difference in student’s lives.”

“This is the first time I have wanted to do schoolwork in my life.” – Afterschool Student at Academy Park Elementary

“My afterschool students are getting hooked on books.” – Teacher at Academy Park Elementary