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Parent Letter

Parent Letter

October 25, 2017

Re: Afterschool Program Funding

Dear Whom It May Concern:

I am a proud member of my West Valley City, Utah community, I love that my children have been able to be a part of this community for the eleven years we have lived here – I have watched my children attend our neighborhood public schools from kindergarten to high school. They take great pride in their education, neighborhood, and activities. They have made friends from the playground to walking to and from school and they have volunteered in our community because of the love they have for it. Being a part of the after-school program has solidified the role my kids play in our community,

I was lucky enough to stay at home while my two oldest, Kyle (21) and Ashley (16) were the same age as my youngest boys, Tyler (10) and Brody (9). However, I found that after 14 years of staying home with them I would need to return to work because of the rising costs of basic needs such as but not limited to, groceries, clothing and other necessities.

My two youngest boys would come home to their teenage siblings who would watch over them, but I felt uncomfortable allowing them to go outside and play while I was at work. Meanwhile my daughter had just made the Drill team and had practice after school. My oldest left to serve a mission and I was stressed about the boys being at home alone. It came to my attention that Tennis and Tutoring was available at the school. This was an answer to the problem we were facing and limited the stress we had in finding care for the two days we needed it.

The after-school program allows my boys to try new things – things they would never get the happenstance to try. Not only the juncture to learn a new sport, but they are able to engage in activities with new faces – meet new friends. My two extremely shy boys had an avenue to meet new friends with the comfort of having each other nearby!

The after-school program allows children the opportunity to learn, develop and engage in a safe learning environment. It has lessened the stress and met needs that our family could not do so if we didn’t have this opportunity available. This year we have loved having the program expanded. My boys have loved every lesson, study-help and activity they have done. They have amazing teachers, coaches and mentors to assist them. I could not be prouder of this program. It helps provide our children with sources that they will treasure for a lifetime. It makes our community stronger and promotes self-worth, social sills and builds confidence. These are the traits we need to see in our youth – these traits will stay with them and help them become successful adults.

I want to thank you for providing funds for the after-school program. I ask that you continue to fund this program and consider ways to make it available to more children.

Thank you,

Kristi S. Critchlow


-letter posted with parent permission-